Human Science and Organizational Systems Open House

Human Science is the perfect degree for people whose research requires interdisciplinary studies or who need to investigate issues from multiple perspectives. You'll be empowered to tap into intellectually diverse approaches and combine them in ways best suited to the subject you're studying. Human science re-opens the conversations between science, art, and philosophy, and offers a crucial perspective, a human centered perspective, on contemporary life. By doing so it also investigates human potential, discovering how people and cultures can grow to become their better selves.

Focusing on the human and systemic factors that allow organizations to develop and thrive, the Organizational Systems Program at Saybrook is uniquely designed to help you understand the nature of organizations, collaborative practices, and transformative change. It prepares you to create systemic change through organizational leadership in business, education, healthcare, government, and all kinds of communities. Our students have become successful consultants, change managers, organizational and community leaders who are working around the world.

Saybrook is a unique university of student-engaged learning in a rigorous course of study. Our mission is to provide graduate education that evokes and guides transformational change in individuals, organizations, and communities toward a just, humane, and sustainable world. Our renowned faculty, alumni, and students are thought leaders in their fields.

Begin your graduate study at Saybrook and pursue your passion at the world's premier institution for humanistic studies. Join us in person or by webcast to learn more about our multidisciplinary graduate university.

Saybrook University is a regionally accredited, nonprofit, distance learning graduate institution. Grounded in the humanistic tradition, Saybrook offers master's and doctoral degree programs in Human Science, Mind-Body Medicine, Organizational Systems, and Psychology.

Scholarships and Financial Aid are available. Applications are currently being accepted for Fall 2012.

Date: 03/06/2012