Mission and Values

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Do you want to inspire transformational change in your community? You can receive a transformative education at Saybrook University through one of our rigorous graduate programs. For more information on how you can join our experiential learning community, fill out a request form today!

Mission Statement

Saybrook University provides rigorous graduate education that inspires transformational change in individuals, organizations, and communities, toward a just, humane, and sustainable world.

Core Principles and Values

1. We value life and embrace our responsibility to facilitate the potential of every living being to thrive in a just, inclusive, healthy and sustainable world.

2. We are scholar-practitioners who seek and apply knowledge to solve problems and foster social transformation.

3. We live and conduct our affairs with integrity. We hold ourselves accountable for honoring commitments to ourselves and to one another, to Saybrook University, and to the constituencies and communities within which we live and work, including the natural world.

4. We insist upon operational and academic rigor in order to provide an exceptional educational experience for you.

5. We seek diversity because we recognize that there are many ways of knowing and there are inherent strengths in multiple perspectives.

6. We approach what we do with a systems, or holistic, perspective based on a belief in the inherent interconnection of all things.

7. We create relationships and communities built on compassion, respect, authentic voice, deep listening, reflective awareness, support and challenge leading to responsible action.

8. We are creative, risk-taking leaders who challenge assumptions and imagine new possibilities.

9. We recognize that dynamic tensions and fundamental paradoxes are essential aspects of being human and we commit to find ways to work with them productively.

10. We celebrate life, striving to bring fun and joy to our individual and collective existence.