Areas of Study

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College of Social Sciences

The College of the Social Sciences offers MA and PhD programs that provide students with hands-on experience and mentoring from faculty who are active and experienced in their respective disciplines.  Applying what they have learned to a variety of fields, graduates can find successful careers in business, nonprofit, government agencies, and private practice.  Recognized as one of the world’s leading centers for scholarship in humanistic psychology, the College of Social Sciences is focused on helping students develop the insight and expertise that is necessary to serve both local and global communities. Committed to an approach of understanding individuals, groups, couples, and families within their broader social and cultural context, graduates learn to understand the interconnectivity of various systems and to make significant change.

Department of Leadership and Management
Department of Humanistic & Clinical Psychology
Department of Counseling

College of Integrative Medicine & Health Sciences

The College of Integrative Medicine & Health Sciences offers non-clinical MA and PhD programs that focus on holistic and integrative approaches that are increasingly becoming an essential part of conventional health care. Many of our students recognize the health care system as being broken and wish to change it from within through an existing medical practice or from the outside by offering alternatives to traditional medicine. Treating the mind, body, and spirit of their clients, graduates influence significant change in their fields by considering an array of interconnected factors when addressing medical and mental health needs—finding opportunities for career advancement in fields such as health coaching, organizational consultation, education, research, and corporate wellness.

Department of Mind-Body Medicine
Department of Integrative and Functional Nutrition