About the Department of Counseling

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Preparing for Practice with an Education in Depth Psychology

Saybrook’s online clinical psychology programs are specifically focused on the knowledge, experience, and practical skills you will need to directly enter professional practice. We prepare students to sit for licensure as a Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, or Professional Clinical Counselor/Mental Health Counselor in several US states and jurisdictions. In addition, students in the PhD Psychophysiology specialization may apply for biofeedback and neurofeedback board certification with the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA). 

Our programs are committed to a developmental approach in understanding individuals within their broader social and cultural context, and with a full appreciation of the inseparable nature of spirit, body, and mind. Your study will include core psychology courses online, hands-on training at residential conferences, and close mentoring from faculty who are active and experienced in the field. At the doctoral level, the foundations include the highest level of scholarship and research skills integral to a PhD degree.

From independent practice to nonprofit agencies, from social to private-sector groups, a clinical degree from Saybrook gives you a sought-after credential and places you within a tradition of excellence on the cutting edge.

The clinical psychology programs at Saybrook go beyond the mechanics of the body and brain, to focus on a holistic view of the individual in their broader social and systems context. Contemporary clinical research – in the form of analyses and meta-analyses of evidence-based studies in psychotherapy – continues to confirm that person-centered and interpersonal dimensions of psychotherapy are at the heart of therapeutic effectiveness. Our programs embrace the idea that a person-to-person connection is an essential element and key to therapy.

Our applied psychophysiology program prepares students to use a unique combination of assessment and applied approaches to effectively assess, track, and treat dozens of disorders, and provides the graduates with the ability to know what is wrong with their clients, accurately track changes in the underlying problems throughout the interventional process, and treat the actual problem - not just the symptoms - with a powerful set of tools and the knowledge to apply them effectively.

From independent practice to nonprofit agencies and hospitals, from social to private-sector groups, a degree from Saybrook’s Department of Counseling gives you a sought-after credential and places you within a tradition of excellence on the cutting edge.

Recognized as one of the world’s leading centers for scholarship in humanistic psychology, Saybrook’s faculty remain active in professional practice as well as academia. Our faculty offer extensive experience as providers of health care and mental health care important to help aspiring practitioners navigate the world of professional development and licensing/credentialing while remaining true to a holistic approach to psychology and wellbeing.

Program Choices

The Department of Counseling offers the following degree and non-degree study options:

MA Psychology, Counseling Specialization (LIOS Seattle Blended Learning Program)

MA in Counseling

In addition, students in some programs may further tailor the focus of their degree by completing electives and certificates offered by Department of Humanistic and Clinical Psychology and Department of Mind-Body Medicine.

For more information call 800.825.4480 or email admissions@saybrook.edu.