Distinctive Features

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Experience Transformational Change

Our LIOS MA in Psychology Counseling program is personally transformative and professionally rigorous. It is distinguished by its focus on developing self awareness, creatively engaging in relationships with clients, and blending systems counseling theories with solid skills.

Through experiential engagement during the program's face-to-face learning, students acquire a deep sense of self, form lifelong community, and develop the skills to work together in teams in both educational and practical settings.

  • As expressed by LIOS MA Psychology alumna Connie Curlett, her LIOS experience "makes it easier for me to relax into my role as a therapist. I am able to call out what is in the room, especially with couples; I am a real straight shooter. Because of my LIOS experience, I am not afraid to be direct."
  • In the words of LIOS MA Psychology alumna Laura Edelstein, "I gained a learning community, one that really nourishes me. The cohort added to my experience because I felt safe to learn. I was able to be vulnerable and push myself."

The faculty-to-student ratio is kept deliberately low: 1:15 in the first year; 1:8 in the second. The resulting community of learners engenders a unique educational experience that has produced skilled professionals dating back to the program's origin as the Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS) more than 40 years ago.