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Counseling Degree Requirements

The Counseling specialization in the Department of Counseling requires completion of 50 credits to meet requirements for licensure in the state of Washington. Students seeking counseling licensure in Oregon and California must complete 60 credits.

Courses for: Fall 2014 Entry Cohort

Spring 2015 Entry Cohort


Counseling professional courses

51 credits

Counseling professional courses 51 credits
Information Competency and Library Use 1
Group Therapy 2
Counseling Theory 2
The Helping Relationship 2
Couple and Family Therapy Theory (I) 2
Couple and Family Therapy Technique (I) 2
Professional Ethics and Law 2
Human Growth, Development, and the Family Life Cycle 2
Psychopathology 2
Research Methods and Statistics 2
Social and Cultural Diversity 2
Group Leadership 2
Self of the Therapist 4
Diagnosis and Assessment of Individuals 2
Couple and Family Therapy—Theory (II) 2
Couple and Family Therapy-Technique (II) 2
Couple and Family Therapy-Theory (III) 2
Couple and Family Therapy-Technique (III) 2
Human Sexuality 2
Professional Seminar 2
Counseling Practicum 10
Total required credits: 51  



Oregon and California (LPC) courses

10 credits

Lifestyle and Career Development 3
Family of Origin Theory and Therapy 2
Current Research in Counseling 1
Current Issues in Professional Ethics and Law 1
Multicultural Issues in Counseling 1
Psychopharmacology 1
Tests and Instruments in Individual Assessment 1
Total credit hours: 61  

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