Distinctive Features

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A 3-Year Program Leading to Multiple Licensure

Saybrook's MA in Counseling curriculum is unique in the way its coursework, practicum experience, and emphasis on depth psychology prepare you for multiple forms of licensure including Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC), and Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). We can help you prepare to apply for licensure depending on where you plan to practice and the type of license you seek; find out how.  Our curriculum:

  • Emphasizes the need to be culturally competent in a diverse global society.
  • Addresses the changing nature of relational, family, and community groups.
  • Develops a culturally grounded, whole-person approach to mental health that integrates body, mind, and spirit to help clients make meaningful life changes.

These goals support Saybrook’s history as the international home of humanistic psychology:  We go beyond problematic symptoms to focus on client potential to develop meaningful life choices.   

Distinct Advantages of the MA in Counseling​ program:

  1. Experiential residential conferences and cohort online coursework offer a wide range of competencies in professional development to ensure you have maximum flexibility in your career. 
  2. Special Population intensives include skills in working with child, adolescent, adult, and elder clients in individual, dyad, family, and group psychotherapy and clinical counseling.
  3. Your course plan offers a specialization opportunity to design electives, a capstone project or thesis, and supervision in a practicum placement in your geographic area with the population you care most about.
  4. Post-degree study is available from Saybrook’s expansive range of certificate programs, such as creativity studies, violence prevention and response, and community health and development, to further your education and give you a recognized specialization in the field. You can complete certificate studies while you are also completing your post-degree clinical intern hours toward licensure.
  5. We provide advising and mentoring support for state licensing requirements, helping you match your program plan with the state in which you want to practice from the very beginning of your pre-degree coursework. 

If you are a dedicated, independent learner with a passion for your subject, who also wants the support that Saybrook faculty and students can provide in helping you reach your career goals, apply now

To  find out more about the MA in Counseling​ program is for you, please email admissions@saybrook.edu or call 800.825.4480.