Learning and Career Outcomes

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What Can You Do With An MA in Counseling Degree?

Saybrook’s online clinical psychology programs are specifically focused on the knowledge, experience, and practical skills you will need to become a professional Marriage and Family Therapist or Professional Clinical Counselor. Degree preparation includes core courses, hands-on training at conferences, practicum supervision, and close mentoring from experienced faculty who are active in the field and experts in depth psychology.

Saybrook’s MA in Counseling program is designed to encourage outreach to communities with traditional and shifting definitions of family and gender roles in multiple cultural and social contexts.  MA in Counseling students develop clinical skills to work with diverse populations to support capacities toward healing and meaningful life changes.

The program objectives are to ensure:

  1. understanding of clinical theory and applications and relevant issues in professional practice
  2. personal and professional development
  3. proficiency in addressing issues in diversity.

Career Opportunities

Licensed practitioners in Marriage & Family Therapy/Professional Clinical Counseling have many career opportunities. In addition to independent practice, our graduates work in nonprofit service centers, substance recovery centers, domestic violence centers, hospice outreach, adoption and foster transitional care, hospitals and ambulatory care, and anywhere and everywhere that reaches the populations they are passionate about supporting. To find out more about these professional training opportunities, request information about our graduate degree programs today.

Employers include:

  • community health centers
  • family service agencies
  • hospitals, medical, residential and ambulatory care
  • prisons and family support agencies
  • juvenile justice and child protective services
  • substance abuse clinics and recovery treatment centers
  • non-profit organizations
  • group and independent practice associations

To take the next step in furthering your career, apply now

To find out more about the MA in Counseling program, please email admissions@saybrook.edu or call 800-825-4480.