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Master of Arts (MA) in Counseling Requirements*

Below are the requirements for the MA in Counseling. Our Clinical Psychology degree programs are designed to prepare you for licensure.  Course descriptions can be found in Appendix F of the Saybrook University Catalog.  

Saybrook’s MA in Counseling program combines residential with online coursework for 60-credits that include two 6-day residential conferences per year. Students who follow the 6-semester plan of 10 credits per semester can complete their degree in three years.

Students complete a Residential Conference each semester they are enrolled. During Conferences, students work with advisors, peers, and instructors, and carry these connections into their online coursework. Each Conference consists of the following residential coursework:

  • Workshop (10 hours, 1 day)
  • Proseminar (10 hours, 1 day)
  • Experiential (15 hours, 2 days)
  • Special Populations Intensive (15 hours, 1 credit, 2 days)

Conferences provide a low-residency component in a hybrid learning model sensitive to licensing requirements. 

Saybrook does not require summer sessions, which allows students time for personal and professional integration.  We do support and supervise year-round practicum training so that students can accrue pre-practicum training hours at their training sites during semester inter-sessions.

Tuition for the program totals 60 credits, charged per unit by semester. Additional costs include the Residential Conference per semester. Residential Special Populations intensives (1 credit each) are included in the total 60-credit degree requirement.

Courses and credits are distributed as per below:

Students complete online coursework of 3-credits each (54 credits) in

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Systems of Psychotherapy
  • Basic Counseling Skills
  • Understanding Research & Evaluation
  • Structure & Dynamics of the Family
  • Human Sexuality
  • Psychopathology & Diagnosis
  • Relationship & Family Intervention
  • Multiculturalism & the Family
  • Assessing Persons for MFT
  • Crisis & Trauma Intervention
  • Ethics for MFT
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Group Counseling & Psychotherapy
  • Career Development & Counseling
  • Substance Abuse & Behavioral Addictions
  • Practicum 1 and Practicum 2 (minimum 6-credits over two semesters)

Students complete 6 days of Residential Conference at the beginning of each semester with

  • Residential Special Populations intensives in Child, Adolescent, and Elder Populations (total 3 credits)
  • Residential Special Populations intensive in Severe Mental Illness and Developmental Disabilities (1 credit)
  • Residential Special Populations intensive in Working with Couples and Families (1 credit)
  • Residential Special Population intensive in Partner Abuse and Domestic Violence (1 credit)

Residential Workshops (10-hours), Proseminars (10-hours), and Experientials (15 hours) are completed as part of the Residential Conference beginning each semester with no additional tuition fee.

* These program requirements are subject to change if there are changes in the California Board of Behavioral Science requirements, or changes in the Saybrook degree requirements.

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