Learning and Career Outcomes

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What Can You Do with a PhD in Clinical Psychology?

Whether it's private practice, a hospital appointment, or a research position with a government program or private institution, clinical psychologists are in high demand. 

Saybrook’s PhD in Clinical Psychology focuses specifically  on the knowledge, experience, and practical skills you will need to directly enter the profession as a licensed therapist or researcher. This includes core courses, hands-on clinical practice at conferences, and close mentoring from faculty who are active and experienced in the field.

The program goals and student learning outcomes for the psychology PhD degree programs enable students to:

  • Work to engage others in efforts to promote life enhancing change.
  • Combine critical, empathetic, and creative thinking with self-reflection to develop self-knowledge, self-realization, and expansion of consciousness.  
  • Bring innovation and creativity in their use of methods, moving beyond disciplinary and paradigmatic boundaries.
  • Place their work within a whole person perspective including multiple contexts, and acknowledge their own biases and unchallenged assumptions.
  • Understand, critically analyze, and create psychological research.

Our graduates work in a variety of settings, including:

  • private practice
  • schools and universities
  • community health centers
  • hospitals, nursing homes
  • prisons
  • juvenile justice system
  • substance abuse clinics
  • corporate offices
  • non-profit organizations
  • government

Apply now!

Or, to find out more about the PhD in Clinical Psychology program, please email admissions@saybrook.edu or call 800-825-4480.