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Join the Integrative Healthcare Revolution

We're not a clinical degree in alternative and complementary medicine. We're a degree in change. The non-clinical masters and doctoral specializations at Saybrook University's Department of Mind-Body Medicine offer a comprehensive and transformational education in the approaches to natural medicine that are becoming increasingly central to conventional healthcare.

As you earn your graduate degree, you'll learn about mind-body skills, biofeedback and hypnosis, nutrition, health coaching, counseling, holistic health, and chronic pain management. You'll be prepared to meet the surge of interest – from medical professionals and the public alike – in providing whole person, integrative healthcare.

The Department of Mind-Body Medicine is dedicated to transforming healthcare by placing "self-care" at the center. Whether you work towards a master's degree, or a Ph.D. with a specialization in healthcare systems, practice, or research, or integrative mental health, our non-clinical programs combine a cutting-edge curriculum with Saybrook’s university-wide emphasis on student-centered learning.

Since Saybrook University’s class structure coordinates distance learning with intensive residential conferences, you can live and work anywhere in the world while getting a degree that focuses your interest in holistic health.

Our career-focused program connects you with leaders in the field. Your mentors and teachers will be world-renowned faculty who edit industry publications, lead professional associations, run community health centers, conduct research, and develop protocols for treatments to help those whom conventional western medicine is not helping.

By studying at Saybrook, you will earn an accredited, hands-on degree in one of the fastest growing, most exciting, areas of healthcare. Your degree will open the door to becoming:

  • a health coach, wellness educator, or professional in health promotion
  • a clinician capable of incorporating techniques such as biofeedback, hypnosis, and wellness counseling into your practice
  • a researcher developing the next generation of rigorously tested mind-body medicine techniques
  • a healthcare administrator or consultant, managing and transforming community care facilities or private companies that integrate mind-body medicine techniques into conventional care