Residential Requirements

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Residential Requirements for Mind-Body Medicine Programs

Courses for graduate degrees in Mind-Body Medicine are offered during three semesters each year: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Fall and Spring semesters each have two terms (A and B), but the summer semester has only one.

New students, who may start in either Fall or Spring semesters, are required to attend a one-time New Student Orientation (NSO) session. At the NSO, you'll be introduced to the Department's graduation requirements, faculty, staff, and other students. You'll also learn how to manage distance learning technology and become familiar with the courses required for your initial term.

Every semester opens with a Residential Conference (RC) for all students who have enrolled in a course with a residential component. The dates of the NSO sessions and residential conferences appear in the Department's academic calendar.

Both the MS and the PhD degree programs include one or more trainings in mind-body skills offered by the Center for Mind-Body Medicine of Washington, DC. These trainings are built into Department of Mind-Body Medicine course requirements of specific courses in each of the MS and PhD degree programs and specializations. Faculty from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine conduct these trainings onsite for the Department of Mind-Body Medicine at the Department's residential conferences.  Students in the MS and PhD programs may also choose to participate in elective, MBM 5580, Mind-Body Skills Groups: Supervision. This supervision course provides weekly telephone supervision for groups of four students, over a ten week time period during which the student conducts a mind-body skills group in his or her home community.