Distinctive Features

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Saybrook’s MS in Integrative and Functional Nutrition  provides advanced science-based training in clinical and therapeutic nutrition using the functional medicine perspective of systems biology, biochemical individuality, the role of lifestyle and environmental factors, and the focus on patient-centered care as the framework throughout the program.  Food and nutrition as medicine will be themes integrated throughout the program.  Integrative nutrition-related approaches will also be explored as well as coursework and training that incorporates the mind, body and spirit.   Students will have access to the expertise and perspective of Saybrook’s School of Mind-Body Medicine faculty with required and elective courses that specifically explore mind-body approaches and techniques.

The faculty of Saybrook’s School of Mind-Body Medicine has created a unique curriculum for dietitians, nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals interested in advanced studies in integrative and functional nutrition therapies, integrative nutrition-related approaches and mind-body medicine.

This MS degree will prepare graduates to practice advanced integrative and functional nutrition therapies, be a key contributor to the healthcare team, enhance behavioral health management and health coaching skills, as well as understand science-based practice in nutrition. The curriculum will include advanced nutritional sciences, advanced nutritional assessment and diagnostics, advanced integrative and functional nutrition therapeutics, dietary supplements and herbal medicine, research and evidence-based practice, health coaching, counseling and communication skills, whole foods and culinary nutritional medicine, integrative nutrition-related therapies, mind-body medicine approaches, as well as courses that incorporate problem solving, life-long learning and imagination or “big picture” skills.