PhD Mind-Body Medicine: Healthcare Systems Specializations

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Changing the Future of Healthcare Systems

Healthcare Systems – as well as its therapeutic interventions – need transformation. New structures must be created in hospitals, clinics, and community-based programs to integrate complementary therapies with conventional medicine in a supportive environment. The great majority of Americans already wish to incorporate alternative health and wellness approaches into their medical care.

The Healthcare Systems Specialization in the Department of Mind-Body Medicine at Saybrook University will connect you with leaders in the field who will teach you how to develop these innovative and necessary programs. Whether you are a hospital administrator, a health data analyst, or healthcare policy-maker, this degree will enrich your work and expand your horizons.

Saybrook's Healthcare Systems curriculum covers health informatics, evidence-based approaches to care, and research methodology.

“They don’t cover things like this in medical school, but I know a lot of patients and physicians are really looking for this knowledge and approach. It’s amazing what studying Mind-Body Medicine at Saybrook has done for me in just two years.”

Shawn Tassone, M.D., Saybrook Ph.D. student in Mind-Body Medicine

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