Distinctive Features

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On the Leading Edge of Mental Health Care

The PhD program in the School of Mind-Body Medicine is the first accredited, university-based, doctoral program to provide mental health education with a specialization in Integrative Mental Health. The curriculum provides training in key, evidence-based therapies across the mental health field.

Taught by recognized experts in integrative mental health field and mind-body medicine, including James Lake, MD, Donald Moss, PhD, Eric Willmarth, PhD, and others, our curriculum covers a range of techniques.

As a student, you may select from coursework meeting the qualifications for national certification in the areas of biofeedback and neurofeedback, clinical hypnosis, and/or health and wellness coaching. You may also choose from an array of electives including neuroscience, narrative medicine, and humanistic and existential therapies for health. 

The IMH specialization follows a scientist-practitioner model, preparing students to pursue careers in integrative mental health care, informed by the latest evidence-based research. You'll graduate prepared to evaluate publications critically, and to conduct new research on alternative and integrative care.