PhD Mind-Body Medicine Research

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Specialization in Healthcare Research

Studies show that a whole person approach to health may yield far better results for many of the most intractable health problems of the 21st century. These integrative healthcare approaches have to be rigorously researched, effectively developed, and carefully tested.

The Healthcare Research specialization within the Mind-Body Medicine Ph.D. program offered through the Department of Mind-Body Medicine at Saybrook University will put you in the forefront of this holistic medicine effort.

Over the last several decades, western medicine has come to learn what traditional medicine always knew: our body, minds, and spirit are connected. Physical ailments can cause emotional and mental breakdowns; emotional trauma can cause physical and mental trauma; and spiritual isolation and despair can cause the body and mind to suffer. 

As part of the Mind-Body Medicine doctoral program at Saybrook University, students are able to be the cutting edge of their field, allowing them to work directly with industry leaders and become a member of a community dedicated to improving healthcare in America and developing better models of care.

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