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Specialization in Healthcare Research

The PhD in Mind‐Body Medicine with a Specialization in Healthcare Research provides an opportunity to broaden and deepen your knowledge of integrative healthcare, while enhancing your academic and professional development. The Healthcare Research specialization provides a secure grounding in qualitative and quantitative research methodology, statistics, and health informatics for those interested in conducting evidence-based research in holistic health.

Though not required, we recommend that students in the Research Specialization select an advanced research course that will provide preparatory experience for the method to be employed in their dissertation research. Students who have not taken such an advanced research methods course may be asked or required by their dissertation committee to complete one.

Requirements Overview

Students entering the Mind‐Body Medicine doctoral program must have completed a master’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university prior to enrollment. Doctoral students must complete a minimum of 83 credits. Credits are earned by completing Mind‐Body Medicine courses.

Students receiving a master’s degree in Mind‐Body Medicine from Saybrook who are admitted into the doctoral degree in Mind‐Body Medicine can generally transfer these credits into their PhD program. These students must fulfill the doctoral degree requirements not completed at the master’s level, including the remaining required courses and the dissertation or project. Meeting the doctoral requirements will include completing additional credits of doctoral coursework plus the dissertation or project, for a minimum total of 83 credits. Under some circumstances, additional courses required may total more than 83 credits.

For further information see Saybrook University MA/MS to PhD process as described in the University Admissions section of the Saybrook University website. Some credits from a master’s degree earned in other programs at Saybrook may also be transferable into the doctoral degree program. Contact your mentor to find out whether your credits qualify for transfer.

This program is not a clinical psychology program. However, it can offer more flexibility in program those wishing to enhance and further develop their clinical knowledge and expertise, but who do not intend to use the degree to qualify for licensure.

For course descriptions, click here.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mind-Body Medicine Research Specialization Requirements


Course Credits
MBM 1008 Information Competency and Library Use- PhD 3
MBM 5500 Ethics in Mind-Body Medicine 3
MBM 5503 PhD Graduate Colloquium and Professional Development I 1
MBM 5504 PhD Graduate Colloquium and Professional Development II 1
MBM 5510 Imagery for Health 3
MBM 5525 Grant Writing 3
MBM 5540 Fundamentals of Research 3
MBM 5543 Statistical Methods for Healthcare Research I 2
MBM 5546 Statistical Methods for Healthcare Research II 1
MBM 5553 Quantitative Research Overview​ 3
MBM 5554 Doctoral Pilot Research Study 3
MBM 5555 Doctoral Pilot Research Study​ 3
MBM 5556 Qualitative Research Overview 3
MBM 5557 Advanced Research Method 3
MBM 5558 Advanced Research Method 3
MBM 5584 MBM PhD Professional Seminar 3
MBM 5586 PhD Practicum 3
MBM 5600 Mind-Body Medicine: Overview 3
MBM 5605 Advanced Mind-Body Medicine 3
MBM 5615 Movement, Exercise, and Health 3
MBM 5630 Coaching for Health and Wellness 3
MBM 5640 Psychophysiology 3
Choose One 3
MBM 5610 Nutrition and Health
Choose one 3
MBM 5620 Basic Training and Education in Hypnosis
MBM 5622 Basic Training and Education in Biofeedback
Choose One 3
MBM 5635 Spirituality and Health
MBM 5655 Mindfulness and Meditation in Health
MBM 9501 PhD Dissertation Proposal 3
MBM 9601 PhD Dissertation Research * 3
Elective Credits Included 9

* (Note: This course will require several terms to complete. You will continue to remain enrolled in this course each term during culminating phase until you complete course.)

Degree Requirements for 2014-2015 Academic Year approved by MBM Degree Program Committee.


- The degree completion time for a student following the default course sequence will average between four to five years. Some students may complete degree requirements sooner and some may take longer to complete this degree.

-A listing of acceptable Graduate School of Mind-Body Medicine elective courses is available on the Saybrook website and available electives will be discussed with your mentor during your first semester of enrollment. Students may also choose an elective from the required courses in other specializations.

- This is a structured cohort program and the sequence of courses is different for students who start in the fall than for students who start in the spring. Your specific course sequence will be discussed with your mentor during your first semester of enrollment. Example program plan course sequence:

Sample schedule for Fall 2014 Cohort

Sample schedule for Spring 2015 Cohort