MA Management Specialization in Global Workforce Collaboration

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A Unique Approach to Global Workforce Engagement

Saybrook's School of Organizational Leadership and Transformation now offers a unique Masters in Management with a specialization in Global Workforce Collaboration. As both international businesses and non-profit organizations deal with the challenges of global management, managers who are able to use cultural diversity to advantage and to successfully integrate the efforts of dispersed teams, will be highly prized.

Every business in the 21st century is becoming a global business: customers, supply chains, raw materials, and marketing are all part of an emerging world market of unprecedented complexity.

Earn Your M.A. in Management

Your ability to work with diverse populations, macro-economic trends, rapid technological changes, and the many other complex challenges that globalization poses to modern institutions, will help take your work to the next level – wherever in the world you chose to go.

Companies need managers who can work with teams and cultures from across the world. These managers must be able to organize people and processes with equal fluency and bring out the best in diverse teams of people who may never meet face-to-face. We can teach you how to do that.  

Who Will Benefit from this Degree

This program is designed for people working in or with:

  • dispersed teams in the US and internationally
  • any business involved with exporting or importing 
  • mid-size businesses making their first foray into globalized marketing, manufacturing, service delivery, or customer support
  • large companies seeking to improve the efficacy of technological communication among members of virtual teams who must collaborate over vast differences in time, space, and culture
  • non-governmental organizations and institutions who see the potential of global interactivity for sparking creativity, innovation, and problem-solving.

This 18-month program is designed for working professionals with real-world experience in organizations confronting the challenges of working globally. This degree will serve you well whether you must confront issues related to managing talent in a diverse workforce; delivering products and services responsive to customers in multiple countries; or practicing behaviors across borders that respect cultural differences but remain grounded in shared organizational values.

In addition to studying core conceptual courses online, you will use a problem you currently confront as your own practical laboratory for practicing what you're learning throughout the duration of the program.