MA Management

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Program Overview

Lead with a strategic global mindset.
Envision ways to adapt to ever-changing market-wide shifts.

Manage by networking your workforce.
Unleash the creativity of your organization’s intellectual capital.

Design sustainable organizational systems.
Collaboratively build and implement innovative solutions.

Contemporary organizations are distributed and complex, thriving on dynamic networks, partnerships and supply chains. These organizations are looking for leaders with the above qualities and skills.

Be tomorrow’s strategic leader today.

Saybrook University’s MA in Management with a Specialization in Global Workforce Collaboration (MAM) enables professionals to develop 21st century managerial perspectives and skill sets.

This graduate program develops imaginative leaders who keenly observe present business operations to devise their organization’s sustainable competitive future. It fosters the development of emotionally intelligent managers who can network across traditional organizational boundaries to create collaborative workplace systems that draw upon the diverse talents of a global workforce.

Join a professional community of practice for managers.

The MAM program benefits corporate, nonprofit and government professionals who want to increase their management performance by learning how to innovatively address the challenges of overseeing business operations, organizational systems, and teams that routinely:

  • Operate in a geographically dispersed manner,
  • Engage in dynamic supply chains,
  • Are culturally diverse,
  • Employ a variety of communication processes, and
  • Function via collaborative technology platforms.

The MAM program is designed for professionals who are or strive to be:

  • managers,
  • global managers
  • team leads,
  • project managers,
  • social entrepreneurs,
  • benefit corporation leaders, and
  • organizational development consultants.

Transform your workplace into a professional learning environment.

The MA in Management is a 36-credit accelerated four-semester (18 months) graduate program.  It is continuous, having no structured semester breaks (summer is not an off period), and has eight-week three-unit courses.  (For course descriptions see the Course Offerings section.)

Cohort Learning Plus Mentoring: The MAM is an online program rooted in the distance learning educational tradition that blends cohort learning sessions with mentoring processes. Drawing upon your professional experience and current knowledge it engages you in critically exploring new concepts and practices, developing your own perspectives, and devising ways to readily apply them in your workplace.

Practitioner-Scholar Instructors: Courses are led by professionals with both practical organizational experience and an understanding of innovative management approaches.

Your Workplace as Your Classroom: The MAM program’s educational process transforms your workplace into your classroom.  By learning how to daily observe your own organization and workplace operations what you are studying and dialoguing about with fellow students comes alive in an interesting and practical way.  Further, because assignments can be adapted to examine actual workplace dynamics, you can develop a deeper understanding of your own organization, including its culture, management approaches, communication processes, group dynamics, etc.

Integrated Learning Modules: Central to the MAM program's interactive instructional process are:

  • Thematically-integrated distance learning units,
  • Organizational behavior, business, and management courses.,
  • Course webinars and peer dialogue forums,
  • Instructor mentoring sessions and a peer learning community,
  • Professional interest learning areas,
  • Assignments customizable to professional interests,
  • Three residential conferences,
  • Capstone project.

Management Development in a Peer Learning Network: As a student you continuously engage with peers and your instructor to critically explore business and organizational concepts, practices and issues with the focus on:

  • Developing your own cutting-edge perspectives  and professional practices,
  • Honing your systems analysis and decision making skills,
  • Expanding your ability to work through complex issues and decisively respond with viable solutions,
  • Increasing your capability to design engaging workplace environments and the critical trust-based workplace relationships foundational to them ,
  • Leading dispersed team members and facilitating effective social networks, and
  • Expanding you professional confidence and socially responsive business vision.

Adaptable Learning Processes and Activities: You can not only explore professional areas of interest, but use assignments and course learning activities to explore issues and challenges you are facing on the job. Learning becomes immediately applied to your work and career.

Residential Conferences: As a student you will meet several times with your entire learning community in face-to-face gatherings. These large group meetings enable you to strengthen your professional relationships with your fellow students as well as engage with business and community professionals from various business regions. They also provide a learning platform for you to examine more deeply and integrate the concepts and skills sets you are learning. Students are currently scheduled to participate in U.S. residential conferences in the Seattle business region and in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, as well as network with professionals from other countries and cultures during an international residency. (Locations are subject to change with notice.)

To explore the MA in Management and its benefits in great depth check out the links outlining its distinctive features and learning and career outcomes.