Distinctive Features

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Distinctive Features

Today’s manager has to be adaptive and multifaceted
to effectively function in a complex global arena and work environment.

Interdisciplinary Coursework for the Contemporary Professional

Managers working in global organizational systems network daily with colleagues to complete projects, conduct business, and serve customers and clients. This requires more than just being an astute business professional. It challenges you to be a culturally sensitive and adaptive professional who is technologically savvy and can establish vibrant enriching relationships that connect coworkers, organizational resources and business partners.

The MAM Program is a unique graduate educational opportunity for the contemporary professional. It blends together business, organizational behavior and management courses that explore:

  • Strategic leadership,
  • Collaborative management,
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship,
  • Global economic issues and business operations,
  • Global  project management dynamics,
  • Culturally intelligent management approaches,
  • Global organizational systems and processes,
  • Organizational communication systems development,
  • Collaborative technology design, implementation and assessment,
  • Knowledge sharing  and innovation organizational cultures,
  • Distributed workforce characteristics and dynamics, and
  • Dispersed or virtual team facilitation.

Multi-Dimensional Leader-Manager Development Model

The MAM program utilizes its own contemporary management model to enable professionals expand their competencies in three critical areas:

  • Innovation Leadership,
  • Collaborative Management, and
  • Socially Responsive Entrepreneurship.

The MAM program’s Leader-Manager Development Approach prepares professionals to assume dynamic rolls in their organization. It develops cutting-edge knowledge, skills and professional qualities in the following areas:

  • A Global Mindset to be a Cross-Cultural Professional.
  • Innovation Leadership to be an Organizational Change Catalyst.
  • Integrative Social Systems Analysis to be an Innovative Systemic Solution Builder.
  • Knowledge Network Development to be an Engaging Collaborative Manager.
  • Organizational Technology Design to be a Cutting-Edge Virtual Workplace Facilitator.
  • Sustainable Business Principles and Professional Integrity to be a Socially Responsive Leader.