Distinctive Features

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Gaining a Global Advantage

Dozens of MBA and MA programs offer master's degrees with a curriculum focused on global issues. Few, if any, approach the challenges of doing business internationally the way we do in the School of Organizational Leadership & Transformation. Rather than approach these issues through a theoretical lens, we approach them through the lens of transformational leadership and culturally-sensitive, people-focused management. With our program, you'll learn how the challenges of the global workspace affect the entire organization, from operations, logistics, and human resources to technology, marketing, and finance. You'll learn how to develop the underlying communications network and social grids that are key to creating virtual teams of individuals who are able to collaborate successfully across cultures..

Innovative Team Teaching

Each term you'll take two concept courses with the two professors working as a team of co-instructors. This approach will integrate different cultural and global perspectives directly into the fabric of instruction. The first half of each semester focuses on the acquisition or skills and knowledge. 

Real World Application

An application-focused course each term provides an opportunity to ground your learning in a real-world application. Throughout the program, you will draw on your experience working in organizations to apply the new concepts you are learning. This process enables you to develop and demonstrate the skills needed to influence and lead change

Blended Learning Model

The MA in Management program combines the best of both online learning and in-person classes and seminars. You are able to participate in the program remotely through interactive online classes, teleconferences, and small group sessions, without relocating or disrupting your schedule.

At the start of each semester, you'll come to Seattle or San Francisco to participate in a four-day Residential Conference, working with instructors and fellow students face-to-face in half-day or whole-day seminars.

This highly successful learning model, which is used across Saybrook, is specifically suited to people who want to continue their careers while getting an education. We take pride in the creation  of the strong learning communities fostered by our hybrid teaching approach. You will get to know your fellow students and faculty well, thriving with their support and insights.