Distinctive Features

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Sustainable Systems for a Sustainable Future

The study of organizational behavior has become increasingly important in today’s world. Our Master’s and PhD programs in Organizational Systems with a specialization in Leadership of Sustainable Systems are unique compared to other programs.  Our program emphasizes applied behavioral science studies as well as collaborative, practical learning communities. Ask yourself:

  • Do you care about creating a more livable, equitable, thriving world? 
  • Do you have the professional commitment and passion to become a change agent? 
  • Do you have a specific sustainability project in your workplace or community that you would like guidance on? 
  • Do you crave to become a part of a collaborative learning community? 
  • Do you want a graduate degree that will not only build your knowledge base, but also provide you with the professional tools and network to become a leader in your field? 

If you answered yes to more than one of the above, Saybrook’s master's and doctoral degrees in Organizational Systems with a specialization in Leadership of Sustainable Systems may be the right program for you.

With a transformative and systems approach, this program encourages students to use systems thinking to understand the complex problems and opportunities of our time.  You’ll be engaging in collaborative leadership, learning, and actions to build partnerships across diverse organizations, cultures, and sectors. 

Distinctive features include:

Learning Community: The ongoing reflection and support provided by a learning community of faculty and students committed to sustainability will prepare and empower active and nascent leaders to become effective change agents.

Strong foundation courses that bridge theory and practice: Drawing upon the Organizational Systems program expertise, the theoretical foundations of this specialization cover core competencies in systems thinking, leading organizational transformation, action research, and values-based leadership.

Innovative courses on sustainability from an organizational systems perspective:  The specialization consist on a series of elective courses that develop awareness and capacities to address sustainability at the personal, organizational and community levels.

Culminating research project: In the Saybrook tradition of nurturing scholar-practitioners, the program engage students in leadership development activities through experiential learning, individual and group projects, research and dialogue forums, and a final research project (of different scope for MA and PhD students) that will involve an action-research or systems design engagement in an organizational context.

Growing network of practitioners in the field: The core and adjunct faculty within OS and across Saybrook are part of an intentional network of leaders and organizations in the field interested in providing project, scholarship, and career opportunities for students. 


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Or, to  find out more about if the PhD in Organizational Systems program is right for you, please email admissions@saybrook.edu or call 800-825-4480.