MA and PhD Requirements

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Degree Requirements

Below are the requirements for the MA and PhD in Organizational Systems. These courses cover subjects such as organizational systems design, organizational change models, and applied behavioral science. Students participate in the residential conferences and in online and individualized courses. The program is designed to take two years, but some students may need additional time. Required courses are listed below, but most credits are earned through electives and a master's project or PhD thesis.

The MA course of study below is particularly suited for students interested in continuing on to the PhD program. For course descriptions, click here.

MA Requirements


ORG 7045 Ethics and Social Responsibility 3
ORG 7032 Dealing with Complexity 3
RES 1025 Understanding Research 3
Graduate Colloquium: 1 (continuous throughout program)  
RES 1026 Information Competency and Library Use 2
Electives   17
RES 9200 Master's Project/Thesis 3/6
Total 31-34
Note: Maximum total number of transfer credits is 12.

PhD Requirements


ORG 7045 Ethics and Social Responsibility* 3
ORG 7032 Dealing with Complexity** 3
ORG 7025 Humanistic Foundations of OD 3
Graduate Colloquium (Continuous throughout Program)  
Research Sequence   (taken in order)  
RES 1006 Information Competency and Library Use* 2
RES 1005 Methods of Research I 3
RES 1015 Methods of Research II 3
  Level 2 Research Course 3
  (One from RES 1030, 1040, 1050, 1160, 1170, 3130, 4005)  
RES 1100 Research Practicum 3
Electives   35

* Can include up to 18 transfer credits

  * Can include up to 16 non-degree certificate transfer credits   
  * Can include up to 9 non-degree transfer credits   
RES 9010 Qualifying Essays 9
RES 9020    
RES 9030    
RES 9500 Dissertation 12
Total 79

* Not required if taken in the Saybrook MA program. If not must be completed in the first 2 terms.

**One required content course must be completed by the end of the first 2 terms of enrollment and the remaining content course and Ethics must be completed by the end of the 4th term.

Residential conference attendance is required through the completion of the 3 Qualifying essays.

Note: Maximum total number of transfer credits is 24