Distinctive Features

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Influence Positive Change in Educational Systems

The PhD in Organizational Systems with a Specialization in Humane Education is designed to create leaders of organizational transformation within educational systems. Through organizational research and development, you can gain the skills to bring about change in complex educational settings.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you see the systemic challenges in educational environments and want to support participants in creating the needed change?
  • Do you desire to bring greater focus to your work, enlivening your own and others passion for teaching and learning?
  • Do you want to influence change in educational systems through your research, writing, and professional presentations?
  • Do you want to join a community of learners who are striving to create transformational change in the world?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then a PhD in Organizational Systems with a Specialization in Humane Education is a way to achieve your aspirations.

Distinctive Features Include:

Dual Learning Communities: Entering this program provides students an opportunity to work within two dynamic learning communities that hold common values and approaches to developing change leaders.  Learning community engagement takes place in conference settings and online. The ongoing reflection and support provided by learning communities of faculty and students will prepare and empower you to become an effective change leader.

Strong foundation courses that bridge theory and practice: Drawing upon the Organizational Systems and IHE program expertise, the theoretical foundations of this specialization cover core competencies in systems and critical thinking, ethics and social justice, developing a cultural lens, participatory and action research, and leading organizational transformation.

Strong Research Support:  Beginning the program with the IHE learning community grounds students in the opportunities and challenges of education today and supports them in creating a clear purpose for their doctoral research focus.  That support continues throughout the PhD program as you learn how to craft good research questions, select the right methodology, design a dynamic research study and write an influential dissertation that supports your professional development.

Growing network of practitioners in the field: The core and adjunct faculty within OS and IHE are part of multiple networks of leaders and organizations in the field interested in providing project, scholarship, and career opportunities for students.