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The School of Psychology & Interdisciplinary Inquiry (PII) offers mature students a combination of on-site/online graduate courses rooted in the tradition of existential, humanistic, and transpersonal psychology. The School of PII offers the MA and PhD degree in Psychology, with additional coursework and research experience in five Specializations for those students in the Psychology degree program. To find out how your career goals fit with the learning experience that Saybrook University offers, request information now.

The School of PII offers graduate education that will help you expand your outlook beyond the confines of a discrete discipline. Your learning will encompass a course of study that takes you beyond traditional field-specific boundaries. Discovery that is informed by a variety of disciplines and modes of inquiry can enliven your primary field of study and enrich the learning process.

Our research and practice encourages the best in humanity, while also adhering to rigorous scholastic standards. By producing humanistic scholars, researchers, and practitioners, the School of Psychology & Interdisciplinary Inquiry develops educated individuals who seek to create a better world.