Residential Requirements

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Our graduate courses reflect a hybrid approach that combines online learning with required on-site instruction at residential conferences. Residential requirements are academic in nature, and their completion is important for your successful academic progress as well as transformational learning.

Residential requirements vary by program to accommodate the learning outcomes associated with specific degree programs. Where, how often, and when residential experiences occur also varies by program. Request more information about the residential requirements for your desired degree program at Saybrook.

The admissions process for the Department of Humanistic and Clinical Psychology is designed to ensure a good match between you and Saybrook University, as determined by the Faculty Admissions Committee, which selects individuals most likely to succeed in graduate studies at Saybrook. In our review, we emphasize:

  • academic history and professional experience
  • compatible background and interests with the offerings at Saybrook, including a student’s ability to work well in a distance-education format
  • demonstrated critical thinking and writing skills
  • potential for scholarly and practitioner work
  • personal motivation and readiness for graduate-level work

All MA applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally-accredited institution. All PhD applicants must have a bachelor’s and master’s degree from a regionally-accredited institution. The minimum expected grade point average (GPA) requirement is 3.0 from the last degree-granting institution, though exceptions may be made.

If you wish to pursue a Saybrook doctoral degree but lack a master’s degree, you must apply first to the MA degree program. Upon graduating you may then apply to the PhD program.