Creativity Studies Specialization

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Discovering Creative Solutions to Complex Problems

A complex and fast-changing world demands new, creative approaches to everything from corporate strategies to household chores. A Specialization in Creativity Studies allows you to tap into one of the most important movements in business, education, and the arts: the recognition that we live in an innovation-driven economy. From schools to big business, the importance of understanding and encouraging creativity has been widely recognized. There are opportunities at both the M.A. and Ph.D. level to earn a degree in Psychology at Saybrook University specializing in Creativity Studies. We also have 16-credit Certificate programs for both matriculated and non-degree students who are interested.

While creativity is increasingly recognized as a vital part of both a healthy psyche and a thriving economy, there is still much about creativity that we do not understand. In this program, you will look at where creativity comes from, what encourages it, and how it can be applied to practical, everyday circumstances.

Creativity Studies has direct applications in a variety of areas including the arts, aging, business and government, education, health, peace and conflict resolution, and psychology. It most certainly can have applications in your career.

Saybrook's rich tradition of humanistic studies includes its association with former faculty member Rollo May, who wrote the classic The Courage to Create. May, along with humanistic psychology pioneers such as Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow, proposed that expression of creativity is a key to self-actualization.

Saybrook's unique approach to creativity goes beyond the arts to encompass "everyday creativity," the originality of everyday life, which encourages personal and professional growth as well as health benefits. The program is designed to be applicable to a broad range of professional pursuits.

While creativity is increasingly recognized as a vital part of both a healthy psyche and a thriving economy, there are still many unanswered questions that need serious research. General learning goals include understanding the history, research, and practical application of creativity studies. Students enrolled in this Specialization will develop specific learning goals with a faculty mentor based on their interests, aspirations, and personal passion.

At the conclusion of your studies, students in this Specialization will be able to:

  • Understand, critically analyze, and conduct psychological research.
  • Be an expert in creativity in general and a specific aspect of creativity in particular.
  • Work to engage others in efforts to promote life-enhancing change.
  • Bring innovation and creativity in your research, work, and personal choices, moving beyond disciplinary and paradigmatic boundaries.
  • Combine critical, empath realization, and expansion of consciousness
  • Place your work within a whole person perspective including multiple contexts, and acknowledge your own biases and unchallenged assumptions.
  • Display a genuine awareness of strengths based on humanistic values, including authenticity and compassion.

Creativity Studies Faculty

Creativity Studies faculty members are internationally-recognized leaders in creativity research. Saybrook's faculty includes internationally recognized leaders in creativity research. Under the one-to-one tutelage of some of the leading researchers in the field, you will be able to focus on academic, personal, and professional growth through research, conferences, and hands-on activities that bring issues in both creativity and psychology into focus. Our faculty includes:

• Steven Pritzker, Director of the Specialization, is a former television writer whose credits include The Mary Tyler Moore Show and co-editor-in-chief of The Encyclopedia of Creativity.
• Ruth Richards, author of Creativity in Everyday Life, recently received the American Psychological Association’s lifetime achievement award for her contributions to the field.
• Renowned Distinguished Consulting Faculty members such as Mark Runco, Sandra Russ, and Dean Keith Simonton are available to serve on selected master's thesis and dissertation committees.

Steven Pritzker, Ph.D. (Director)
Carol Barrett, Ph.D.
Joanne Brunn, Ph.D.
Kate Donohue, Ph.D.
Ruth Richards, Ph.D., M.D.
Mark Runco, Ph.D. (Distinguished Consulting Faculty
Sandra Russ, Ph.D. (Distinguished Consulting Faculty)
Dean Simonton, Ph.D. (Distinguished Consulting Faculty)
Tobi Zausner, Ph.D.


To find out whether Creativity Studies is the right Specialization for you, please email or call 800.825.4480.