Learning and Career Outcomes

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What Can I Do with a Specialization in Consciousness, Spirituality, and Integrative Health (CSIH)?

The CSIH Specialization focuses on spiritual and integrative health development, including the skills and knowledge to offer guidance to individuals and groups. This includes the use of spirituality and integrative health in organizational settings, and the use of these disciplines to enact social change. CSIH prepares students to engage in research on spirituality and integrative health in individual, social, organizational, and health care settings.

The role of culture permeates much of the curriculum, as culture plays a vital role in consciousness, psychological health, physical health, ethical systems, and organizational systems. Students may explore the role of culture in family systems, business and non-profit settings, religious/spiritual organizations, health care, and personal spiritual practice.

Career Options

Although the CSIH Specialization is not designed to meet licensure requirements for mental health counseling, social work, or as a psychologist, individuals already licensed may find that study in this Specialization allows them to expand their expertise and diversify their clinical practice. For our licensure-focused programs, visit the School of Clinical Psychology. Other vocational paths emerging from this CSIH Specialization include:

  • peace work
  • conflict resolution
  • community organizing
  • pastoral care
  • spiritual counseling
  • spiritual guidance
  • teaching, education, and training
  • consulting
  • organizational work
  • diversity officer
  • researcher