MA/PhD Human Science

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Questions for a Complex World

Our M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Human Science offer you an opportunity to appreciate the timeless questions central to how we know, believe, and decide what is true. Our transformative learning model includes online graduate courses and face-to-face seminars that offer an opportunity to explore contemporary issues including the conflict of religion, science, politics, and culture in domestic and global contexts; the role of class, race, and gender in current social problems; and facilitating change in organizations, communities, and cultures.

Many Saybrook students study Human Science to enhance their careers by expanding their awareness of diverse perspectives through cross-cultural and interdisciplinary studies. Through this degree program,you will develop greater insight into the human experience through the lenses of epistemology and critical social science, and gain insights from discourses in critical theory, cultural criticism, feminism, and post-modernism.

Human Science is an excellent graduate degree if your work or research requires you to view issues from multiple points of view. You will pursue an interdisciplinary approach to your studies and integrate diverse perspectives in ways best suited to the subject you are studying. Human Science students may not affiliate with one of the School of PII Specializations, but are welcome to take those related courses as electives as appropriate.

You will also develop skills in qualitative methods of inquiry, including phenomenology, narrative research, hermeneutics, and ethnography, to explore how individuals and cultures develop and change.

Diversity in programs leads to diversity in careers

Human Science re-opens the conversations between science, art, and philosophy, and offers a crucial perspective, a human-centered perspective, on contemporary life. By doing so it also investigates human potential, discovering how people and cultures can grow to become their better selves.

Graduates of the Human Science degree programs find the inspiration, focus, and tools they need to excel. You might find them developing business policies that empower workers; mediating family and workplace conflict; working as grassroots social activists to improve living conditions; exploring the impact of popular media on other cultures, or teaching community college students.