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Meet the need for a post-graduate degree that is essential for advancement in many professions. Enjoy an experiential learning curriculum while working toward an M.A. or Ph.D. degree in Psychology through our fully-accredited online degree programs, allowing you to follow your own passions, on your own schedule, without relocating. 

The Department of Humanistic and Clinical Psychology Ph.D. degree program is well-suited for those planning or engaged in research, teaching, community development, consultation, conflict resolution and mediation, counseling, and many other career paths. Since its founding more than 40 years ago, Saybrook University has been in the forefront as humanistic thought has moved from psychological theory to social activism, from academia to business practices, from individual counseling to educational and healthcare practice.

Our program is designed for adult learners with an interest in cutting-edge research, application methods, and professional practices based on expanded definitions of health and well-being. Our worldview embraces ethno-cultural diversity and focuses on a collective global society. 

The Ph.D. program in Psychology in the Department of Humanistic and Clinical Psychology provides the same diversity in individual approaches to program planning and the study of psychology as the M.A. degree, but with a greater range of opportunity to broaden and deepen knowledge, interests, and areas of academic and professional development.

Our Psychology Ph.D. program can provide you with the opportunity to build upon the foundation provided by an M.A. degree from one of Saybrook's programs or elsewhere. You can develop a creative graduate degree plan from a wide range of options to further develop areas of knowledge, skill, and expertise to expand the range of future opportunities and endeavors in your professional life.  This program is not a clinical psychology program nor is it designed to prepare graduates to qualify for clinical licensure or certification. However, it can allow you to further develop your clinical knowledge and expertise, and give you flexibility in program planning and professional training. This is particularly helpful if you want to enhance your counseling skills but do not intend to use the degree to qualify for licensure.  This option allows for a variety of career choices; find out more now.

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Or, to find out more about whether the Ph.D. in Psychology from the Department of Humanistic and Clinical Psychology is the right degree for you, please email admissions@saybrook.edu or call 800-825-4480.