Transformative Social Change Specialization

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Specialization in Transformative Social Change

Transformative Social Change (TSC) students learn to be scholar-practitioner-activists who link theory to activism and engagement in social issues through a cross-cultural education. This Specialization enables you to participate in an experiential learning community, while contributing to a body of knowledge that can lead directly to social change based on humanistic values and emancipatory beliefs.

Students are provided with a common language and theoretical grounding from which to explore and address specific concerns. These range from local issues such as violence prevention in schools to broader global civil society issues, such as social justice, peace, human rights, democratization, and multiculturalism.

Transformative Social Change Faculty

The following faculty are associated with the Specialization in Transformative Social Change:

Joel Federman, Ph.D., Specialization Director
Marvin Brown, Ph.D.
Kenneth Cloke, Ph.D., J.D.  
Bob Flax, Ph.D.  
Benina Gould, Ph.D.  
Shaun Hains, Ph.D.  
Lenneal Henderson, Ph.D. (Distinguished Consulting Faculty)
George Kent, Ph.D.
Joy Meeker, Ph.D.
Marc Pilisuk, Ph.D.  
Linda Riebel, Ph.D.  
Ethel Tobach, Ph.D. (Distinguished Consulting Faculty)