Provost's Office

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The Provost is the Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer of Saybrook and serves on the Executive Leadership Team. The Provost has oversight of Saybrook's two colleges: College of Social Sciences and College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences. Also under the oversight of the Provost are the following functions and units of the university: Accreditation, Registrar's Office, Library Services, Student Services, 504/ADAOnline Hybrid Learning (including Residential Conferences)Academic Quality, Learning Outcomes, and Student Achievement.

The Faculty Senate Co-Chairs, the Chairs of the Departments, and the Directors of various administrative units comprise the Provost's administrative teams. These include the Academic Leadership Team, the University Operations Team, and the University Council. The Provost works closely with the Faculty Senate on all academic and faculty matters. Together these teams all work to ensure that strategic goals focusing on academic quality and excellence, student success, and full university community engagement are achieved.

The Provost's Office has the following staff:

Carol Humphreys, PhD
Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

Nami Kim, PhD
Assistant to the Vice President and Lead Administrative Director

Heather Miller, PhD
Administrative Director for Academic Affairs

Julia Sondej, MA
Administrative Director for Student Affairs and Chief Student Affairs Officer
For student affairs related matters, please email