Faculty Profile: Ann Masai

Ann Masai

Ann Masai is a hospice chaplain, an Interfaith Minister, a counselor in Embodied Sacred Psychology, and a member of the adjunct faculty at Saybrook Graduate School and the California Institute of Integral Studies. Masai obtained her Ph.D. from CIIS in Transformational Learning in 2001.

She considers herself as Spiritual Activist.It is her joy and vision to interweave her spiritual work with social justice issues, specializing in end-of-life issues, conflict resolution, and non-violent communication.

Masai has practiced meditation for 35 years, including Siddha Yoga with Baba Muktananda and Guruymayi, Christian centering prayer, Tibetan traditions with Lama Yontan Gonpo, and vipassana (her "home" practice). With her multi-racial background (African, Irish, and Romany), Masai has worked with the Black and Biracial SASHA Program in the San Francisco Bay Area, which seeks to identify and eradicate the effects of internalized racism, classism, and sexism within the black community. Her work in Peace and Conflict Resolutio includes being the Education Coordinator at the Center for Peace Education in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Additionally, she worked for 13 years at the University of California, Berkeley, developing a curriculum to integrate disabled students, staff, and faculty into ongoing university programs.


Curriculum Vitae

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