Faculty Profile: Bonnie Burstein

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Bonnie Burstein

Dr. Burstein is a licensed Clinical Psychologist. She has long-standing research and applied interests in innovative, cost-effective, mental health service delivery. Studying and teaching the components of "helping talk" and the processes involved in learning and mastery of interpersonal and group process skills in the training of mental health professionals and lay people are focused. As Program Director of UCLA's California Self-Help Center, she worked with teams to develop packaged programs aimed at "giving psychology away." The autoGAIT, the Common Concern program and the Group Starter Manual & Training Program are three examples of carefully field-tested means of delivering high quality, low cost, mental health services in small groups she developed and uses.
Currently, she directs a Clinical/Community Psychology Internship at Los Angeles Harbor College where she trains graduate students in traditional and alternative methods of mental health service delivery as well as crisis intervention, referral, learning disabilities assessment and accommodation. With a group of Saybrook colleagues she is applying some of these innovative methods in the new MFT track introductory course, "Basic Clinical Skills". She is interested in Clinical and Health psychology, particularly women's health issues and the application of research findings to social policy in the area of violence prevention. She coordinates the Peace Making, Peace Keeping and Community Building interest group at Saybrook in Los Angeles.

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