Faculty Profile: Ed Mendelowitz

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Ed Mendelowitz

Ed Mendelowitz completed his doctoral studies at the California School of Professional Psychology, Berkeley campus, where he worked closely with the existential-humanistic psychologist and author Rollo May. He is on the Board of Editors for the Humanistic Psychologist and the Journal of Humanistic Psychology and a contributor to some of the major compendiums of existential/humanistic/depth psychotherapy. He has presented numerous papers on psychology, psychotherapy and their respective interrelations with the humanities in the USA, Europe and East Asia. His writing resides on the gnostic frontiers of psychology in its blending of art, literature, music, cinema, religion, philosophy and clinical narrative with the more recognizable fare of theoretical scholarship. Mendelowitz's collage-like ETHICS AND LAO-TZU has been called "an extraordinary moral narrative" by the Pulitzer Prize-winning humanist Robert Coles and "a remarkable book, a compendium of wisdom from an astonishing number of sources" by the late psychoanalyst and poet Allen Wheelis. Dr. Mendelowitz is a part-time faculty member for Saybrook University, a lecturer for Tufts School of Medicine and Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of the Rockies. Mendelowitz writes a quarterly online column, HUMANITAS, for the Society of Humanistic Psychology and lives and works on the Squantum tip of Boston's South Shore.

Curriculum Vitae

Upcoming Presentations and Public Addresses

"Life Conduct in Modern Times: Karl Jaspers and Psychoanalysis"--Symposium to be offered by the Karl Jaspers Society of North America as part of the American Philosophical Association/Pacific Division's Annual Meeting, April 3, 2015.

Degrees, Discipline, Year, Institution

M.A., Ph.D.  California School of Professional Psychology, 1982.

M.S., Ed.S State University of New York at Albany, 1976.

B.A. Tufts University, 1974.

Current Projects and Professional Activities

"HUMANITAS: Reflections on psyche, craft and the doings and sufferings of the enduring self." Quarterly online column written for the Society for Humanistic Psychology.


"HUMANITY'S DARK SIDE: Explorations in Psychotherapy and Beyond." Co-Editor, APA Books.


Lecturer, Tufts School of Medicine/Department of Psychiatry.


Program Chair, Society of Humanistic Psychology, 2012.

Current Publications

Mendelowitz, E. (2014). Search for the new land. Humanistic Psychologist, 42(1).




Mendelowitz, E. (2014). The centrifugal mind: Eulogies for Eugene Taylor and Joseph Roth. Humanistic Psychologist, 42(1).


Mendelowitz, E. (2014). Fellini, Fred, & Ginger: Imagology and the postmodern world. In K. Schneider, J.F.T. Bugental, & J. Fraser Pierson (Eds.), The Handbook of Humanistic Psychology, 2nd Edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.


Mendelowitz, E. (2013). Decalogue, or how to live a life: Engendering self-examination. In A. Bohart, B. Held, E. Mendelowitz, & K. Schneider (Eds.), Humanity’s Dark Side: Evil, Destructive Experience, and Psychotherapy (pp. 99-117). Washington, DC: American Association for Psychology.


Mendelowitz, E (2012). Vision beyond the cave: The psychiatry of Nassir Ghaemi. Existence, Vol. 6/1. Karl Jaspers Society of North America.


Mendelowitz, E. (2011). Transience and possibility: The legacy of Rollo May. Humanistic Psychologist, 39 (3), 253-260.


Mendelowitz, E. (2010). William James and the spirit of complexity. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 50(4), 459-470.


Mendelowitz, E. (2009). Reminiscences. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 49 (4), 435-440






Mendelowitz, E. (2009). Building the great wall of China: Postmodern reverie and the breakdown of meanings. In L. Hoffman, M. Yang, F. Kaklauskas, & A. Chan (Eds.), Existential Psychology East/West (pp. 327-349). Colorado Springs, CO: University of the Rockies Press.





Significant Publications

Meditations on Oedipus: Becker’s Kafka, Nietzsche’s Metamorphoses (2006). Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 46:4.


Reminiscences (2009). Journal of Humanistic Psychology (pp. 435-440). 49 (4).


Existential Psychotherapy (w/K. Schneider) (2007). In R.J. Corsini & D. Wedding, (Eds.). Current Psychotherapies (8th ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.


Case study of an obsessive-compulsive personality (2007). In R.J. Corsini & D. Wedding, (Eds.). Case Studies in Psychotherapy (4th ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.


Ethics and Lao-tzu: Intimations of Character (2008). Colorado Springs: University of the Rockies Press.


Building the great wall of China: Postmodern Reverie and the Breakdown of Meanings (2009). In Hoffman et al., Existential Psychology East/West. Colorado Springs: University of Colorado Press.


Decalogue, or How to Live a Life: Engendering Self-Examination. (2012).  In A. Bohart, B. Held, E. Mendelowitz, K. Schneider (Eds.), Humanity’s Dark Side: Explorations for Psychotherapy and Beyond. Washington DC: APA Press., 2012.


HUMANITAS: Reflections on Psyche and the Arts: Waltz with Bashir (With God on our Side). Society for Humanistic Psychology, Fall 2009.


HUMANITAS: Reflections on Psyche and the Arts: Solaris (Interstellar Space). Society for Humanistic Psychology, Winter 2010.


HUMANITAS: Psychology, Reflections on Psyche and the Arts: Science, psychology & the arts. Society for Humanistic Psychology. Newsletter, Summer 2010.


Important Conference Presentations

East Asian lectures: The psychology of Rollo May. Seoul, South Korea, 10/12-16/10 and Nanjing, China, 10/20-22/10.

Inconsistent being and the enigmatic self. Saybrook University. San Francisco CA., 1/16-17/11.

The New Existentialists. Panel presentation, Saybrook University. San Francisco CA., 1/17/11.

Transience and possibility: The existential psychotherapy of Rollo May. Massachusetts Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology. Cambridge, MA, 2/9/11.

Toward a spirit of complexity: A pathos of distance. The Society for Humanistic Psychology, 4th Annual Conference. Chicago, IL, 4/16/11.

Reflections on Nanjing. The Society for Humanistic Psychology, 4th Annual Conference. Chicago, IL, 4/17/11.

Gnostic frontiers of Psychology: An integration of Elements. Paper presented as part of a symposium entitled The New Existential-Humanistic Psychology at the annual APA Convention. Division 32. Washington, DC, 8/11.

Vietnam Now and Then. Address given at the grand opening of ETHOS/GEM, a language education center and transfer agency of joint Vietnamese and American ownership/management. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 2/12.

Transience & possibility: The legacy of Rollo May. The Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge MA, 05/17/12.

Report to the Academy: Assimilating the Other, or The Perils of Red Peter. Paper presented at the Psychology and the Other Conference. Lesley University, Cambridge, MA, 10/04/13.


Research Interests

Existential/humanistic/transpersonal psychology; EHTP psychology and literature; EHTP psychology and philosophy; EHTP psychology and the broader humanities; Existential-humanistic psychotherapy. Dr. Mendelowitz's research interests reside, broadly speaking, in existential-humanistic psychology and psychotherapy and their respective interrelations with the humanities. The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (who boasted that he himself was also a psychologist without peer) pointed even in the nineteenth century to psychology as "queen of the sciences"--the discipline into which all related disciplines might one day flow. It is research typified by this sort of rarified sensibility and humanitarian largesse, qualitative or meaningfully quantitative, that especially interests him.

Research Expertise

Individuals who are interested in my own work around clinical narrative may wish to consult the following articles of mine:


  1. Meditations on Oedipus: Becker’s Kafka, Nietzsche’s metamorphoses (2006). Journal of humanistic psychology (pp. 385-431), 46 (4).
  2. Meditations on dissociation: Kristiana and the enigmatic self (2007). In K. Schneider (Ed.), Existential-integrative psychotherapy: Guideposts to the core of practice. NY: Routledge.
  3. Case study of an obsessive-compulsive personality (2007). In R.J. Corsini & D. Wedding, (Eds.). Case Studies in Psychotherapy (4th ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.
  4. Existential psychotherapy (w/K. Schneider) (2007). In R.J. Corsini & D. Wedding (Eds.), Current Psychotherapies (8th ed). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.
  5. Ethics and Lao-tzu: Intimations of character (2008). Colorado Springs: University of the Rockies Press.

Expertise Working with Saybrook Students

Dr. Mendelowitz has served on (and is presently serving on and chairing) several doctoral essays and dissertations at Saybrook University. He has served in the past on doctoral dissertations with students attending the California School of Integral Studies and The Graduate School of the University of Technology in Sydney. Individuals interested in an example of his work with Saybrook students may consult the following article: Peng, Jason H. (2007). Appreciation of Rolllo May: A search for existential sensibilities. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, XX(X) 1-7.



Research Expertise

Research Expertise Rating Guide:

  1. studied in a class or have read intensively on my own
  2. special training in the form of a workshop or equivalent
  3. taught a class in, or supervised research using this method (research practicum, on a dissertation or master's committee
  4. used in research myself
  5. published or presented at conferences my research using this method

Methods Traditionally Considered As Quantitative (But Need Not Be)

Laboratory Research N/A
Field Experiments N/A
Randomized Controlled Clinical N/A
Quasi-experimental methods N/A
Correlational Methods N/A

Methods That Could Use Quantitative Or Qualitative Methods

Action Research N/A
Survey Research 1, 4.
Interview Research 1, 4.
Observational Research N/A
Epidemiological Research N/A
Ethnography N/A
Focus Groups N/A
Self-Observational Methods 4, 5
Narrative Methods 1, 4, 5.
Feminist Methods N/A
Content Analysis N/A
Discovery-Oriented (psychotherapy) N/A
Events paradigm (psychotherapy)
Archival Research N/A
Case History Methods N/A
Appreciative Inquiry N/A
Multiple Case Depth Research N/A
Hermeneutic Single Case Efficacy Design N/A
Longitudinal research N/A
Cross-sectional research N/A

Methods Primarily Associated With Qualitative Research (But May Also Use Quantitative)

Ethnoautobiographical research N/A
Hermeneutics N/A
Grounded Theory N/A
Phenomenology N/A
Heuristic Research N/A

Types of Analysis

Simple Parametric Statistics (t-test, etc.) N/A
Confidence intervals N/A
Analysis of Variance (including MANOVA) N/A
Analysis of Covariance N/A
Regression (including multiple regression) N/A
Discriminant Function Analysis N/A
Structural Equation Modeling/Path Analysis N/A
Causal Modeling N/A
Cluster Analysis N/A
Survival Analysis N/A
Nonparametrics N/A
Bayesian Analysis N/A
Meta-analysis and effect sizes N/A
Factor Analysis N/A
Time series analysis N/A
Multidimensional scaling N/A