Faculty Profile: Gerald Kozlowski

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Gerald Kozlowski

Gerald P. Kozlowski Ph.D. has taught the neuropsychophysiology course for 12 years. The course has been taught live and online to preserve interaction with the student/colleagues. A course description and detailed c.v. is at gpkozlowski.com. Dr. Kozlowski received his B.S. at Aquinas College, M.S. at Michigan State Univ and Ph.D. degrees at Univ ILL at Urbana-Champaign.

He is a BCIA Certified Fellow in EEG-Biofeedback and emeritus member of the Society for Neurosciences as well as member of SFN for more than 40 years. He has taught at MSU, UI, Univ Rochester, Colorado State Univ, Univ TX Health Sci Cen at Houston, Univ of TX at Dallas (Dept of Human Development); and for more than 30 yrs in the Dept of Physiology at Univ TX Southwestern Med School as course director of neuroscience for first-yr medical students. He taught 13 separate courses including neurosciences for allied health students, histochemistry and cell biology. He was major advisor for 9 M.S., 6 Ph.D. and mentor for 7 post-doctoral fellows and visiting scientists. He is internationally recognized for his work in neuroendocrinology and neuroanatomy using light, transmission, high-voltage electron and scanning electron microscopy. He was editor for Histochemistry (Karger) and reviewed grants and papers for NSF and NIH. He is currently an editorial board member and and Specialty Editor of neurosciences for WebMedCentral Plus (UK). He has published more than 100 papers, chapters and 1 co-authored book in neuroendocrinology. Also, he gives classes in neurophysiology, stress, cell and muscle physiology for the Graduate School of Breathing Sciences. In addition to his clinical experience with Jon Walker, M.D., he taught EEG-BF for the Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation for 5 yrs. He trained in Gendlin's Focusing technique and color-light therapy (Lumitron) as well as using HRV, CES, TCES and AV light sound therapies. He was Director of Research for a nutritional supplement company (Terra Biotech LLC) in Dallas for 2 years. In conclusion, he is currently co-authoring a manuscript on brain enhancing technologies.

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