Faculty Profile: Ian Wickramasekera

Ian Wickramasekera

Dr. Ian Wickramasekera (“Dr. Ian”) enjoys teaching and research and he is well known nationally and internationally for his work in integrative medicine. He was previously on the faculty of the Psychiatry Department of the University of Illinois at Chicago and also at the Adler School of Professional Psychology where he directed a hypnosis training program for medical professionals. Dr. Ian currently is on the adjunct faculty of Saybrook University where teaches classes related to neuroscience and integrative medicine. Dr. Ian was also elected President of American Psychological Association’s Society of Psychological Hypnosis in 2008 and was the youngest person ever elected to hold that office in its forty year history. He was awarded an Early Career Award from the American Psychological Association’s Division of Hypnosis and also from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis for his teaching and research efforts. His research interests include Bon-Buddhism, Consciousness Studies, Empathy, Hypnosis, Integrative Medicine, Lucid Dreaming, Parapsychology, and Psychophysiology.

Dr. Ian is a licensed clinical psychologist who enjoys helping his patients with chronic pain and other challenging medical problems. Dr. Ian first became interested in health psychology and integrative medicine after winning his own struggle with chronic pain 30 years ago. He enjoys teaching his patients how they can draw from the strengths of their body, mind, and spirit to help them overcome serious medical problems. Dr. Ian has over ten years of clinical experience in teaching his patients how they can use their own mind/body connection to address serious medical issues like chronic pain, burn injuries, diabetes, cancer, sleep disorders, and heart disease while improving their own experience of health and happiness.

Curriculum Vitae

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