Faculty Profile: Susan Mazer

Susan Mazer

School: Mind-Body Medicine

Susan Mazer, PhD, is the President and Chief Operating Office of Healing HealthCare Systems, Inc. (HHS) located in Reno, Nevada. She co-founded HHS with Dallas Smith in 1992, when they began producing the C.A.R.E. Channel, the first 24-hour healing environment channel for patient television. In doing the research required to optimize the effectiveness of the C.A.R.E. Channel, Susan looked into the auditory environment, its impact and how music and nature could improve patient outcomes. Subsequently, she has focused on hospital noise, its impact, methods for sustainable improvement, and, as a by-product, speech privacy. Her work at Saybrook is vested in the health care system through systems thinking, including historical, social, economic, and epistemological windows. She considers the environment of care to be both a human and organizational system. Susan is also an internationally known jazz harpist and composer, with over 20 recordings to her name (with Dallas Smith).

Curriculum Vitae

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