Learning Models

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At Saybrook University we commit ourselves to scholarship and research in addressing critical human issues. It is our mission to help you put theory into practice, capable of performing research and guiding your application to create transformative change. For more information on how to pursue a transformative education at Saybrook, fill out a request form today.

As a Saybrook student, you will undertake rigorous analysis and development of your ideas in search of new synergies and insights. Often this will take you outside of conventional wisdom. We encourage you to ask questions that push boundaries, provided you do so in a rigorous way. Excellent scholarship often involves asking uncomfortable questions.

Our approach to research is closely aligned with the perspective that there is no single privileged position from which to understand the human experience or the world around us. As such, Saybrook University embraces both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Phenomenological investigation, case studies, interviews, naturalistic observation, and hermeneutics provide critical insight that more traditional quantitative methods cannot. Effective use of such techniques are key to addressing many of the most complex problems of our time, and we will encourage you to utilize them to find the humanity behind statistics, charts, and graphs.

We value rigorous inquiry, analysis, evidence, clarity and integrity in scholarship and research. Through this engagement, you will develop an important foundation in critical thinking, disciplined inquiry, the generation of new ideas, and the ability to contribute creatively to an area of study.