Scholarship in Action

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The World Needs Leaders Who Can Help It Change

Saybrook University is committed not only to scholarship and research in addressing critical human issues, but also to action. It is our mission to help you turn theory into practice, capable of performing research and creating transformative change. 

To meet the challenges we face as a society, we at Saybrook recognize that we must change not just our technology, but ourselves. Saybrook embraces the notion that education is more than just applied learning. It is also transformation, giving us a better view of who we are and what we can accomplish in the world.

Transformational education is not static, but a continuous process. To be educated, we must be "life-long learners." Saybrook University is therefore dedicated to supporting its alumni along with its current students, offering them opportunities to continue their research, expand their work, and connect with other leaders in their field.

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Approach to Research

As a Saybrook student, you will undertake rigorous analysis and development of your ideas in search of new synergies and insights. Often this will take you outside of conventional wisdom. We encourage you to ask uncomfortable questions that push boundaries, provided you do so in a rigorous way.

Our approach to research is closely aligned with the perspective that there is no single privileged position from which to understand the human experience or the world around us. As such, Saybrook University embraces both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Phenomenological investigation, case studies, interviews, naturalistic observation, and hermeneutics all provide critical insight that more traditional quantitative methods cannot. Effective use of such techniques are key to addressing many of the most complex problems of our time, and we will encourage you to utilize them to find the humanity behind statistics, charts, and graphs.

We value rigorous inquiry, analysis, evidence, clarity and integrity in scholarship and research. Through this engagement, you will develop an important foundation in critical thinking, disciplined inquiry, the generation of new ideas, and the ability to contribute creatively to your chosen area of study.

The Scholar Practitioner Program

Enhance your practice of community engagement. The Scholar Practitioner program at Saybrook provides opportunity for professional development through insightful, challenging presentations and workshops.

Saybrook University was founded by scholars who were also therapists and activists and leaders. They left us a legacy that an education can be measured both by what you learn and by what you do.

This idea of service - to one’s community, profession, and the world - is at Saybrook’s core. Our programs are designed to qualify you to be a pioneer on the intellectual frontier, as well as a courageous practitioner dedicated to the greater good. Our faculty and graduates engage with pressing problems:

  • Providing organizational leadership
  • Revitalizing communities
  • Transforming health care
  • Developing sustainable practices
  • Nurturing cross-cultural understanding
  • Counseling and caring for populations in need
  • Scholar activism and social change

You can’t do these things from an ivory tower. You have to connect the library and the street. That’s what scholar-practitioners do, and that’s what you learn at Saybrook.

In 2012, Saybrook President Mark Schulman decided to add a new tradition, creating Saybrook’s “Scholar-Practitioner in Residence” program and appointing Chip Conley, Saybrook’s first Scholar-Practitioner in Residence.for 2012. This appointment was extended for 2013.

Chip Conley took the humanistic psychology of Abraham Maslow (one of Saybrook’s founders) and used it to develop a better business model for humane and socially conscious entrepreneurs. At a time when business practices desperately need to change, Saybrook could think of few greater achievements than the work Conley does, and we were proud to work closely with him in 2012-2014.