Practitioners in Residence Program

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Unifying the Library and the Street

Scholar-practitioners develop both new ideas and new practices; they envision change and act on it. Individuals who turn theory into practice are at the heart of our educational model. To emphasize the value of that model, we have begun a program to recognize people in our community who exemplify this approach to humanistic problem-solving and bring them into the Saybrook fold.

These are individuals whose work and achievement embody Saybrook's values and principles. They will serve as models for the importance of life-long learning, creative curiosity in support of new knowledge, and the application of this knowledge in service to the larger community.

As Saybrook’s first Humanist at Work for 2012-2014, Chip Conley worked directly with our students, faculty, and staff.  He introduced them to his own work and helped support their efforts to unify the library and the street in their own life’s work. 

He also connected Saybrook, as an institution, to the world he lives and works in. Whether working with his peers in the high-end hospitality industry or presenting his new best-selling book “Emotional Equations,” Chip represented Saybrook and our humanistic education to the world, even as we learned from him.

From making presentations to meeting with students, from holding colloquia to hands-on internal support, Chip Conley made his role as Saybrook’s first Scholar-Practitioner in Residence as unique as he had made his business and books.

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