Office of the Registrar

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The Office of the Registrar maintains accurate academic records for each student who enrolls at Saybrook University, and provides timely, accurate, and responsive services to students, faculty, staff, and the public. The Registrar oversees course management, registration, transcripts and degree certification, and manages the retention, access, and control of academic records for present and past Saybrook students. You may contact the Office of the Registrar at 415.403.1210 or

Academic Services Staff

New students are assigned a services professional in the Office of the Registrar who remains the primary point of contact for academic/administrative services throughout the students’ degree programs. This services contact is responsible for ensuring that all student academic/administrative and enrollment services needs are met quickly and effectively. These services include, but are not limited to, registration issues, program questions, interoffice issue facilitation, general academic administration assistance, and graduation advising.

For students enrolled in residential programs in Seattle, the Academic Administration Department in Seattle is the first point of contact for all matters related to registration, enrollment, grades, and graduation. 


Official transcripts are obtainable through the Office of the Registrar. Unofficial transcripts are not available. Requests for transcripts require student signature release and must be made in writing. The transcript request form is linked below. If not using the request form, a transcript request must contain the following information, printed or written legibly:

  • student’s full name used while enrolled
  • phone number and email address of the requestor
  • address to which the transcript is to be sent
  • the student's signature authorizing release of the record
  • payment information (credit card orders must include card number, expiration date, name of card holder, and billing address)

Transcripts are $10 per copy and are mailed USPS first class ("snail mail"). Priority Overnight service through FedEx is also available, and generally costs $35 per transcript for this transcript/shipping option. FedEx Priority Overnight cannot be shipped to a post office box. Such orders must be addressed to a street address location.

Please fax your request to 510-455-7044
Saybrook University
Office of the Registrar
475 14th Street, 9th Floor
Oakland, CA 94612

Transcripts may not be released without payment or if there is an unresolved balance on the student's account.

LIOS Students Graduated under Bastyr University:

**Please note that Saybrook does not maintain records for students who graduated from LIOS while under the auspices of Bastyr University. Such student records are maintained by Bastyr, and request for those transcript must be made directly to Bastyr University.**

Transcript Request Form .doc | 60KB

Enrollment and/or Degree Verification

Saybrook University is a participant in the National Student Clearinghouse, a central repository that maintains enrollment information for over 2800 US colleges and universities across the United States. Third parties who wish to verify student enrollment must contact the Clearinghouse directly at

Enrollment Certification for Current Students

Current students who would like to request a certification of enrollment may do so by logging into the Saybrook website and visiting the Student Self-Service link on the Office of the Registrar page. While you may request an enrollment certification from the Registrar staff, Student Self-Service allows you to generate a Clearinghouse verified enrollment certification at any time of day, night, weekend, or holiday.

Student Records/FERPA

Student records are maintained within the confines of, and are subject to, the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Click here for further information.

Section 504/ADA

Following admission to Saybrook University, students who qualify under Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act should submit their authorization/release forms and supportive documentation at the beginning of the academic term in order to receive recommended accommodations.

ADA Accommodation Request Form for Students

Student Authorization for Release of Information for Academic Accommodations