Students learn by watching audiovisual lectures provided in the course, reading assignments both from materials provided on the course website, watching a movie, and interacting extensively with the instructor via e-mail and, if they wish, by phone. Students will answer short essay questions rather than taking exams.

To take this course, students must have access to a biofeedback system capable of providing heart rate variability biofeedback—including a computer display of HRV—preferably with a spectral analysis. Acceptable systems include those manufactured by HeartMath, J&J Engineering, Thought Technology, Nexus, and Biocomp. If you have a different system, contact the instructor prior to purchasing the course. This course is accredited and blueprint-relevant continuing education for certificants of the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance.

Continuing Education credits: 30

Cost: $500

Instructor: Richard A. Sherman, Ph.D.

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