Skills, Workshops, and Seminars

We have recently opened a new campus in Seattle to serve the needs of students through a variety of programs. By cooperating with several local businesses and the surrounding community, we are able to offer real-world training for several of our programs. Located just outside of Seattle in Bellevue, our campus is located directly across from the train station in the downtown area.

InterAct: Skills for Adaptive Leadership

At the Seattle campus, students and non-students have the opportunity to enroll in a short, intensive workshop in leadership development and communication. This workshops helps develop the skills necessary to advance in organizational leadership and management.

This engaging three-day workshop focuses on building effective communication skills for successful personal and professional relationships.

This program is for individuals who play strategic roles in organizational settings—executives, managers, and staff in the private and public sectors seeking to learn advanced leadership skills designed to strengthen working relationships, increasing productivity. All of our workshops blend applied behavioral science skills with experiential learning methodology.

Email or call 425.278.9304 for more information about this workshop or download the form to register.

We also offer workshops and training designed to meet specific needs of an organization, which are delivered within the organization’s context. For more information, contact Dan Leahy, Director of Saybrook’s Seattle Campus at [email protected] or 425.278.9319.