Affiliate Workshops

The Seattle campus co-sponsors workshops and certificates with third-party companies that expand on the principles of leadership and self-awareness. These programs are generally offered at locations other than our Seattle campus. To find out more, or to register for an affiliate workshop, contact the sponsoring organizations by clicking on their contact information in the sections below.

MBO Consulting: Executive Coaching Theories and Concepts

A two-day orientation to the theory and concepts of executive coaching, emphasizing the importance of connecting business and people issues in leadership coaching, including:

  • Definition of executive coaching as both organizational intervention and leadership development
  • Capacities and skill requirements of executive coaches
  • Distinctions among several coaching methods
  • Systems-based coaching models

For more information or to register, please visit or call 206.529.1517.

MBO Consulting: Executive Coaching Skills Training

A three-day intensive and experiential skill practice in advanced executive coaching methods. Includes in-depth exploration of the issues coaches face when building resilience in their clients and in themselves including:

  • Practice the four phases of coaching
  • Build client responsibility to help executives to recognize organizational patterns
  • Explore keys to coach self-management in a complex environment
  • Gain extensive feedback on your coaching strengths, weaknesses and developmental goals

For more information or to register, please visit or call 206.529.1517.

Learning in Action Technologies: EQ in Relationships

Emotional Intelligence is all about relationships. It is created and sustained in relationships and it can be enhanced in your relationships now. Whether you’re a leader, a manager, a consultant, or team member, achieving results requires the ability to work well with others in good and difficult times.

This two-day intensive focuses on on you and how you use your EQ in relationships, real-time. A blend of theory  with hands-on practice and coaching is maintained throughout the two days.Prior to the two days, you will take, receive results, and be coached on your EQ profile.

For more information or to register, please visit or call 425.641.7246.

Also Available: Three Certification Options

Option 1: Four-Day Comprehensive Program

Two-day intensive workshop plus two-day Certification. This begins with the two-day “EQ In Relationships” workshop above. Cost: $2350 – $200 savings if purchase together rather than separately (CEU credits available).

Option 2: Private Group for Senior Professionals

This two-day certification program in the use of the “EQ In Action Profile — A Profile of You in Relationships” is available for organizations wanting to train and certify internal senior professionals or for a group of eight or more external senior consultants or coaches. Provided at your facilities, It assumes participants bring well-developed skills and successful experience in leading, consulting, and/or facilitating. Cost: $1450 – 10% discount for 45-days-or-more early registration and payment (CEU credits available)

Option 3: Distance-Learning: total self-study with three teleconference sessions

This is available for internal and external senior consultants and coaches who want to actively incorporate emotional intelligence into their work today or are adding this component now. A detailed overview of this process is available. Cost: $1250 – 10% discount for 45-days-or-more early registration and payment (CEU credits available)

For more information or to register, please visit or call 425.641.7246.

Kore Evolution: Women’s Mysterial Leadership Certification™   Level 1: The Opening Program

The Opening Program is a 4.5 month university-certificate program for women who are ready to up-level their entire way of being, and with confidence and joy, bring all of who they are as women into their leadership. Innovatively based on how women actually develop, the program builds a synergistic foundation of powerful, effective, and creatively embodied capacities for Living, Loving, and Leading. Graduates emerge with a signature radiant presence, and their actions aligning with their deepest values and the greater good.

The Opening Program pairs an academically sound, rigorous, research-based curriculum with the ageless wisdom traditions, arts, and deep practice of an urban mystery school. It is the first level of The Women’s Mysterial Leadership Certification.

Join us for an engaging evening with other like-minded women in a free Virtual Circle Experience via webinar to obtain an introduction to our program. Webinar participants will receive a $150 Early Bird Registration discount!

For more information or to register, please visit or call 206.568.5394.

Pacific Integral: Generating Transformative Change

Pacific Integral’s Generating Transformative Change program is an intensive, rigorous, and practical 15-month program designed to create powerful, integrally-informed leaders for transformative change in human systems. This vibrant learning community draws exceptionally talented visionaries and experienced professionals from around the world. These talented people share leadership competencies, skills and knowledge in an atmosphere of leading-edge theory and practice.

For more information or to register, please visit or call Geoff Fitch at 888.713.7773 x2.