Saybrook Scholarships FAQs

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  1. I’ve already been admitted. Am I eligible for a scholarship?
  2. I’ve already accepted my admission. Am I eligible for a scholarship?
  3. I’ve deferred my admission from a prior semester. Am I eligible for a scholarship?
  4. I’m an international student. Am I eligible for a scholarship?
  5. I’m applying for readmission. Am I eligible for a scholarship?
  6. How many credits will I need to take in future semesters to be eligible for my scholarship?
  7. How many credits will I need to take to maintain my eligibility?
  8. What is good academic standing?
  9. How will a scholarship award impact federal financial aid I’ve requested?
  10. Can I use my scholarship to pay my residential conference fees?
  11. Will my scholarship be automatically renewed?
  12. Will I need to complete the FAFSA for each year I want my scholarship renewed?
  13. Is it possible to increase the amount of my scholarship award for a future semester?
  14. When will I find out if I’ve received a scholarship?
  15. What are my options for financing my education if I do not receive an award?
  16. What do I need to do to secure my scholarship offer?
  17. I’m already a Saybrook master’s student and want to apply for a Saybrook PhD. Am I eligible for an award?
  18. I want to enter the PhD Clinical Psychology program and only have my bachelor’s degree. Would I be awarded as a master’s or a doctoral student?
  19. Will my scholarship award be applied directly to my tuition?
  20. If I can’t complete my application by the deadline, will I still be considered for a scholarship?
  21. What are the criteria for receiving the Saybrook Scholarships award? Are they different for masters versus doctoral students?