New Existentialists

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Change in all things is sweet. – Aristotle


Recently, my Human Development class arrived at the logical conclusion of the lifespan: death.

Help for Nepal

With modern technology and communication systems, we are bombarded 24/7 with images of tragedies and disasters.

Existential Memorial Day

My Memorial Day weekend began with watching Neil de Grasse Tyson gush as he interviewed Richard Dawkins (2015) on Star Talk TV over whether God and Science are compatible or illogical.

The Perfect Bookstore

I have a student in China who for a long-time has dreamed of opening a bookstore. She is a bookworm and enjoys sharing her passion for books with others. She is also a therapist.

Empathy Will Save the World

Dostoevsky said that “beauty will save the world,” and I agree with him, although personally my declaration is “empathy will save the world,” for there is nothing more beaut

Being and Time at the Airport

It was always going to be a difficult morning. The alarm was set for 3am in readiness to get to the airport on time for a 5.30am flight.