Students enrolled in this program will develop specific learning goals with a faculty mentor based on their interests, aspirations, and personal passion. Learning how to conduct psychological research in a cross-cultural educational environment, students will examine theoretical and practical understanding of creative processes including:

  • Psychological components
  • Sociological implications
  • Creativity in organizations
  • Factors that encourage and discourage creativity

Working with others to promote positive change, graduates from this program will be able to pursue employment in nonprofit, business, or governmental organizations. By understanding, conducting, and critically analyzing psychological research, graduates will be able to bring innovative approaches to their work and research. By examining challenges with a holistic perspective, our graduates are able to combine critical, empathetic, and creative thinking with self-reflection to develop self-knowledge, self-realization, and expansion of consciousness.

More program information can be found in our academic catalog.

*Our M.A. in Psychology program is intended for professionals who wish to pursue non-clinical careers or expand on their existing licenses. This program is not designed to prepare graduates to qualify for clinical licensure or certification.

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