This project management master’s degree program is an 18‐month lockstep cohort program completed in four consecutive semesters (including summer sessions) to earn 36 credits to graduate. Saybrook’s approach sets itself apart from project management schools in employing a humanistic and holistic approach, placing academic and professional development in interdependent and interactive contexts. Going beyond the core practical technical knowledge and skills needed in one’s profession, our Master’s program also helps develop interpersonal and critical thinking skills essential for today’s leaders and managers.


Students who enroll in this Master’s program have the opportunity to study project management at a university dedicated to making substantive positive change in the world. Project management graduates will understand how to communicate with internal and external stakeholders, recruit team members, manage relationships, and procure resources and materials. They will develop an impressive range of professional assets, including:

  • A global mindset
  • An understanding of integrative social systems analysis
  • Organizational technology design skills
  • Sustainable business principles

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