Rooted in analysis, Saybrook’s M.A. Transformative Social Change: Peace and Justice Studies Specialization examines the theory and history of social change. Students learn how discrimination, access to food, and a myriad of other factors pose challenges for underrepresented populations and how bringing that conflict to light can move us toward a more just global society. Understanding environmental, political, social factors, students in this unique master’s program will:

  • Explore global challenges to world peace
  • Learn cross-cultural conflict resolution and restorative justice practices
  • Develop ways to address societal conflict and injustice
  • Expand the range of tools available to peace practitioners and scholars

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nonprofit organizations are among the fastest growing sectors in the United States. Graduates of the M.A. Transformative Social Change: Peace and Justice Studies Specialization may find work in local or global nonprofit organizations, political campaigns, or as educators.

Through a multidisciplinary perspective, graduates will understand how justice and nonviolence can be used to transform conflicts into constructive change. By bridging the gap between cultures and larger society, they encourage people to delve more deeply into the causes of social problems at all levels. Graduates of this master’s program will become scholars, practitioners and activists, dedicated to affecting positive change on a global scale.

By demonstrating skills that foster participation and inclusion, graduates can help lead nonprofits, charitable organizations, or activist groups in finding ways to deliver a message that resonates and reflects the values of peace and justice.

Total Credits: 32-35

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