Saybrook Alumnus Dr. Steve Wolf (Ph.D. ’86) Held a Two Hour CEU Presentation in January on Taming Your Anger

Saybrook Alumnus Dr. Steve Wolf (Ph.D. ’86) held two hour (Two CEU) presentation, sponsored by the Iranian Psychological Association on Taming Your Anger.

Steve discussed the underlying principles of Taming Your Anger, the history of Emotional Intelligence and the value of teaching Emotional Intelligence for developing Mindfulness, Insight, improved Emotional Regulation, and greater Self Control.

Dr. Wolf developed Taming Your Anger based on principles of Cognitive Behavioral Psychology.

He and others have observed hard core two-strikers on Parole, women in prison, and At-Risk Teens on Probation successfully use this method to develop the necessary self control to deal with anger expression.

The educational objectives of this class were to elucidate:

1) The Four Tools of the Taming Your Anger Method
2) EQ Breathing: a Mindfulness method
3) The four Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence
4) The difference between Primary and Secondary Emotions
5) The difference between Real and Imagined Emotions

For future presentations Go To for further info, or contact Steve at 310 479 1143