Saybrook Alumna Selene Kumin Vega (Ph.D. ’09) Represents PHS Alumni/ae at Saybrook Board of Trustees Meeting

After a day of attending the January RC as mentor and faculty of the College of Mind-Body Medicine, I was honored to return the next day, January 14th, to present at the Saybrook Board of Trustees meeting as a PHS alumna.

Our group of PHS presenters, with Robert Schmitt as dean, Willson Williams from the faculty, and Brett Joseph as a current student, had spoken briefly on the phone before appearing together at the board meeting, and had looked at the questions the board sent us to review. Our presentation was less a formal response to those questions than an opportunity to share our experience of the past, descriptions of the present, and dreams and plans for the possible future of PHS within the larger structure of Saybrook University. The board wanted to absorb our stories and presence, getting a deeper sense of our college than a dry written report could have provided. I am appreciative that we have a board that wants to know about “the vitality, the passion, the energy” of our college, as the first question put it. As our university grows and PHS continues to transition from being Saybrook to being part of Saybrook, the board’s understanding of who we are and who we have been can aid them in guiding the university forward without losing its essence.

Selene Kumin Vega, Ph.D. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Skyote Mountain